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Tonka Oud

Tonka Oud

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Immerse yourself in a unique spiritual experience with our handcrafted Tarot Card Revelation Candle, meticulously designed for individuals who seek guidance from religious or tarot practices. Infused with the warm, comforting fragrances of tonka and vanilla, complemented by a hint of spiced chestnut, this artisanal candle creates an inviting atmosphere. Unveil a hidden tarot card within as the wax melts, offering a personalized touch to your spiritual journey and igniting a sense of divine connection in the ambiance of your sacred space.

Fragrance notes: Sweet Tonka, Smoked Vanilla, Spiced Chesnut

Each candle contains a card from the Ryder Tarot Deck, The intention of each candle is for it to bring confirmation or new perspective you haven't seen. The tarot card should work as a window to guide you to your highest self.

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